Popcorn Maker: A Dead-Simple Drag-and-Drop App For Remixing Web Videos | FastCompany | Easy Ways To Get Your Own List | Scoop.it

By John Pavlus


"Popcorn Maker... lets you grab almost any piece of common online media (like videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or SoundCloud audio files) and augment it with clickable interactive widgets. If you’ve ever wanted to paste "Pop Up Video"-style commentary bubbles over your favorite YouTube clip, Popcorn Maker’s drag-and-drop UI couldn’t be simpler. But you can also add more sophisticated interactivity like Google Maps, live Twitter feeds, and Wikipedia articles just as easily. Here’s an enhanced audio documentary by WNYC’s "Radio Rookies" that shows off the app’s magic powers:"



Via The Digital Rocking Chair, kathymcdonough, Jim Lerman