Slikk - Search Multiple Sites at Once - Share Results and Much More | E-marketeur dans tous ses états |
Slikk is the new search engine with revolutionary features that let you Find It Faster. Search and browse the web, pictures, news, videos, blogs and Twitter! Search various categories simultaneously and share search results!


I have been experimenting with Slikk for several months and it has quickly become one of my favorite search engines. Below are a few of the features.  I urge you to take the time and try this tool out.


Lion View allows you to browse open website simultaneously. You click on "LionV" on the top right hand of the LionWindow and like magic, the websites you have on the screen all show at once. You may choose to maximise each. This is a great tool to compare and contrast websites that may have agendas or a bias. 


Slikk also allows you to search and view various types of results simultaneously. "The MultiView feature allows you to display one type of search result on the left side of the screen and another on the right side. On either side, you can choose between web, image, news, video, blog or Twitter results. For example, you can have web results on the left side and images on the right side. Or news on the left and Twitter on the right. The choice is always yours!"


There are many other features to this search engine. Take the time to take it for a test drive!

Via Beth Dichter