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So you are thinking of starting your own E–commerce site in Australia?Seeing the vast level of profits that these sites are accumulating, one may start imagining several orders pouring in. However, before you lure in to these dreams it is important to design an efficient website structure.The website should be created keeping in mind the facts that it should be user friendly, easy to navigate and most importantly should have attractiveweb design.

How To Design An E-commerce Website Using Website Design Service?

Not everyone is well versed with the designing and development skills. In order to get an efficient structure, one can take help of web design service providers. However, while choosing a website designer make sure you take care of the following things-:


The foremost thing while choosing any website design company is its services. Since, technologies keep on evolving and innovating with time, take care of the fact that company provides advanced services using latest technologies.Make sure that you make a pact with the designers, to transform the website from one platform to other in case new technologies emerge. Ask for additional services like marketing and advertising strategies.

Check References

Whenever you start something new, you always look for references, same goes for a website. Before you choose a website designer, look for references. Opt for designers who have prior experience and have been referred to you by someone trust worthy. Ask them to create sample pages for your websites. Confirm once, how scheduled and proficient they are when it comes to work.

Experience & Qualifications

Web designing and development is a self-learnt technique.While a designer with master’s degree hastextbook taught knowledge about the designing techniques and skills. Agraduate or non-graduate designer with two or more years of experience has practical knowledge and enough professional ethics. Hence, rather than looking for qualifications look for proficiency and experience on hand.

Set Work Conditions

Before you sign a contract with the designer or developer, set the requisite conditions and criteria.A statement of work should be demanded from the designer. This should provide details like estimated time required, format of reports and a brief design for every page.


Before a company hires a website designer, they consider the price quoted by designers.Small business website designs usually require less efforts and research, hence the prices can always be negotiated. However, for large-scale websites, the prices charged by designers can be more than the regular rates. Never compromise on quality because of prices because quality and infrastructure is the backbone for any website. The designer can be paid on hourly basis depending upon the language used and the complexity of website.

Challenges & Suggestions

Since you are strong enough conceptually but not on designing and developing front, choose a designer who can create an E-commerce web design which is challenging for him but friendly for user. The designer should ask questions on what you expect from the website design and should provide valuable inputs. In case, he shows lack of interest and is not providing any suggestions, avoid hiring him.