We claim ourselves to be the advanced people, belonging to the 21st century who has witnessed all that there is to and nothing can really shock us. We have bad decisions, faced consequences and have experienced everything. This is the thinking of almost 90% of the world's population. However, one thing that none of us have learnt over the period of time is that never to repeat the same mistake. We see our friends smoking, so instead of stopping them, we follow their footsteps. We see our parents excusing themselves from the dinner table or during the movie to get a smoke, and we again follow them too. Seems like that the human race has forgotten that god did put a brain in the heads of each one of us so that we can make our own decisions. Just following someone else seems like such an easy task that we have lost the urge to do some new ourselves. This pattern has resulted in a lot of deaths. Deaths, which are caused due to smoking. Not only deaths of people who smoke put those as well who become victims of passive smoking.

"Recent studies have found that nonsmoking women are more susceptible to DNA damage than nonsmoking men when exposed to an environmental carcinogen. Secondhand smoke is a known risk factor for lung cancer, which still kills more women and men than any other single cancer".

Brooke Shields said once "Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."

However my aim is not to lecture you on the harmful effects of smoking, but rather introduce you to a product that will provide you with the same instant gratification and also simultaneously help you get rid of this awful habit. The product is known as e cigarettes to http://www.frumist.com/index.php/electronic-cigarette-uk . Electronic cigarettes are less harmful as compared to tobacco cigarettes and give a better effect that any tobacco cigarette you have ever had. Not only this but they are also pocket friendly. They tend to work as nicotine patches. Now if you are worried about the safety of these products then I will answer you r question in the words of Prof P Hajek, UKNSCC, 2013, who has very aptly said

"Someone asked a question about the safety of using electronic cigarette to http://www.frumist.com/index.php/electronic-cigarette-uk and NRT [together]. I think we now know these things are safe. There is a built-in safety valve, people get sick if you are overdosing on nicotine long before you can poison yourself or do any damage. You just experience nausea and you stop smoking or spit out the gum which was causing too much nicotine for you and no health damage can come about. So these things are safe."

So, now if you are convinced, then stop reading forward and search up the nearest place to you that can get you a e cig so that you can drift yourself to a world where even a bad awful habit can also be healthy and your conscience is not pricking you about it.