Rethinking Hospitality Productivity | | Dynamic Pricing |
For many, when talking about productivity management in hospitality it appears to be inappropriate like swearing in a church. Many hoteliers unfortunately assume that increasing productivity is synonymous with deteriorating service quality or pushing their employees to work even harder. It doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, in this article, I argue that good productivity management is a prerequisite to viably improve (or protect) both profit and good service quality. Moreover, it also contributes to more predictable planning, which in turn means job safety and well-being for the employees. In the article "Revenue Management - a necessary evil, but is not sufficient to deliver profitability," I advocate that focus on revenue management is no longer sufficient to deliver profitable operations. The main reason is that the market has become increasingly transparent and sufficiently efficient (i.e. the price of a room at any given time reflects practically all the available i