"Asynchronous Thinking" - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith | DV8 Digital Marketing Tips and Insight | Scoop.it

Discovered the strange secret of Internet marketing last week. We lucky few Internet marketers must do some things BECAUSE everyone is doing them. We violate these "conventions" at our risk, but we can't stop there.

We can't stop with mere emulation of current convention because there is no money to be made there. Our Internet marketing must win hearts, minds, love and advocacy to become increasingly valuable. We can't win brand advocates by copying others.

We must take the risk of passionate disruption. Disruption in Internet marketing is a tricky business. Too little disruption and your Internet marketing is conventional and boring. Too much disruption and your Internet marketing is speaking to itself about itself.

Testing is the best way to find the thin and ever-changing line between conventional boring and just the right amount of loyalty creating disruption. This @HaikuDeck is about how and why your Internet marketing must "think" asynchronously. Why you must disrupt to win.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith