Four Challenges for Open Data | Open Data Institute | Dutch Open Knowledge Center |

There are several issues discussed in this article. First is the usability of open data sets. Unless you have the tools and time to analyze the data, there is not much use to the average citizen concerning data being freely available. Part of this stems from conflicting backgrounds and agendas of open data advocates. Most tend to be (in my humble opinion) from an ontological background (technically) and from and advocacy and FOIL driven ideology (philosophically). Where Open Data as a philosophy needs to go is toward a true transparency model driven by citizen access to useful and correct data visualization that create a narrative of the data. By no means do I dismiss the need for standards, free access to data and the need to advocate for the freedom of access to data but we need to go a step further and make it useful to citizens in general and not just to ourselves.

Via Ivan Begtin, Jason Hare