New York City, NY 16th July 2014 - one of the top rated media press kit consultants in the market has recorded a 10% rise in half year sales. The news comes as the company's services continue to attract a number of new customers in what until now has been a remarkable year for the firm. In its half year report, said that it intends to keep up this growth momentum until the end of the year albeit with a number of challenges to face.

The half year results released last year have indicated a strong performance for the last six months. notes that aside from the 10% increase in sales, the media press kit consultant has also said that its market base has expanded by double figures compared to the same time last year. In addition to this, the firm has also seen progressive quarterly growth and figures recorded in the second quarter have seen a 14% jump from total sales in quarter one.

According to experts and analysts in the sector it is not surprising that has managed to record these remarkable successes. To start with, the company has remained one of the few major media kit consultants in the market and as such a bigger share of the demand in the sector has gone to its team. In addition to this, the quality nature of services offered by the provider has made it a major pick especially for new customers.

A combination of all these factors seems to have propelled to a whole new level of success. However, the top rated press kit expert has said that the main goal now and even in the coming years is to ensure that its quality services are accessible by all who need them. The provider has also assured its customers that it will leave no stone unturned in maintaining this performance.

The popularity of professional online press kit services has continued to grow. The significant rise in demand is in fact a good piece of evidence that confirms this fact and the role has played in promoting this growth has been nothing short of amazing. The provider has remained committed in quality services. For more details, on how you can work with its team, please feel free to get in touch through today. About is a leading media press kit provider that offers its services to a broad range of customers across the world. The company has invested heavily on its services and is today regarded as one of the major industry leaders. For more details please feel free to visit today.

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