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Things to do on a holiday in Dubai

Things to do on a holiday in Dubai | Dubai Tour Company |

Seven-star hotel and the world's tallest tower-Burj Khalifa , manmade islands, underwater hotel and  massive skyscrapers is what Dubai is all about. It is house to both the super rich and the not so rich. It is a metropolitan where people of different nationalities that come to earn a living and at the same time a land for those who come to do big business. Over the years Dubai has become a tourist spot that has attracted a lot of investments.  


Restaurants here serve delicious and sumptuous foods. They serve all kinds of foods. There is Italian, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, and so much more. You think of it and there is a place that will serve it.

Shopping malls:

Many of the shopping malls are tax free. Most of the shops here are tempting with great offers on electronics than anywhere else in the world. You will find international brands of the repute of Marks and Spencer, Chanel and leading brands that are there worldwide in the Europe or America. Pay by Cash or use cards for shopping.

Buying Gold:

Gold Souk is a must visit. Gold is available for really cheap rates and the government makes sure what you buy is genuine. They also sell silver, diamonds, platinum, and other precious stones.

Modern Dubai vs. Traditional Dubai:

While Dubai is a Shopper’s paradise with some or the other shopping festival happening all year round. And yet again there is a Dubai that is known for its traditional Arabic way of living. While one is extremely modern and liberal, the other is time-honored that lives up to the traditional Arab roots.
The Beach:

The beaches in Dubai are magnificent. You can visit a Public beach or go to a cafeteria that has a beach and get an access to the beach for a small fee. If you want to drink coffee or tea in a longue that is facing a beach then you must be ready to shell out more. This can particularly be enchanting if you are a couple visiting the place. You can sip on caffeine beverages or juices.


You can go on a safari in the desert. You can go for a safari during hours of the day or night that are fixed for the Safari. You can even go on a camel safari or the atypical four wheelers and two wheelers used for the Safari.


Who said golf was played only in the west? There are golf courses with impressive club houses and facilities. There are some private parties who won some golf courses where you can play golf .You can play golf after paying a fee or you can play golf after becoming a member. You can alternatively play golf if you have played golf before at other clubs and if you are golf enthusiast.

There are innumerable things to do in Dubai. Join in and be part of the fun and frolic. Eat the best of foods, enjoy the best of adventures money can offer, and do things that will bring in the adrenaline rush that allows you to explore and discover yourself.

Dubai Tour Company's insight:

Dubai Tour Company :

You can do a number of things in Dubai .The list of leisure activities to do in Dubai is endless. Go splurge yourself on the extravaganza.

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Scooped by Dubai Tour Company!

Best Desert Safari tour packages that give you value for money

Best Desert Safari tour packages that give you value for money | Dubai Tour Company |

Dubai Tour Company is a travel and tour company based in Dubai that has lots to offer in order to fulfill your travelling needs when in Dubai. Dubai Tour Company operates in the emirates and exclusively in Dubai. All our tour packages are about showing you the magical Dubai. Our Motto is "See, Live and Feel Dubai".


Having come to Dubai you should experience the magnificent place for once. We offer a wide variety of Travel packages. Safari Travels are an ongoing attraction in Dubai. It is all about giving travelers the unique experience by touring them through the Desert.


The Safari Tours offered at Dubai Travel Company are a good thing to opt for. Starting from AED 140 per person these tour packages are an experience that will leave impressions on your mind. The Dubai Safari Tours are a part of popular culture like Documentaries, Films, magazines and newspapers. A lot of material available will tell you it is something adventurous yet very safe thing to do in the emirate of Dubai.


Dubai Tour Company offers different types of Desert Safari:

1.Morning Safari:

Morning Safari is a 4 hour long journey and gives you the mystical experience of the Arabic sands. You will be picked up at your hotel. The morning Safari costs AED 140 for adults and children.


2.Evening Desert Safari:

An Evening Safari is a 5 hour Journey. It comes with Dinner Buffet and can also be coupled with a Camel Safari. The desert Camp awaits you. You can try henna paining and other artistic things available at the camp. A sumptuous dinner and snacks along with Soft drinks is provided. An Evening Desert Safari costs AED 260.


3.Overnight Desert Safari:

An overnight Safari is a stay up night for you. It's about enjoying the mystical Arabian night with great comfort. It is approximate a 6 hour Safari. Enjoy Delicious Arabic Cuisine and watch belly dancing you will stay up and see the sun rise in the early morning.


4.Dune Buggy Desert Safari:

The Dune Buggy is like a 4 wheeler. It is a vehicle equipped for the desert Safari. The Dune Buggy Desert Safari is available in the morning and Evening ranging from AED 315 to AED 600.It is an adventure ride.


5.Quad Bike Desert Safari:

A bike Safari is a Safari of the Desert on a Bike. It is a ride for adventure lovers. The Quad Bike Safari is available both during the morning and the Evening. It costs AED 360 or more


6.Camel Desert Safari:

A camel Desert Safari will make you feel on top of the world. Sitting on the Camel is like sitting on top of the world. Come experience the unique experience you once saw on Television channels and travelogues and documentaries. Come experience it for yourself. A camel Desert Safari is a 5 hour Journey and is available for AED 650 per person. The Caravan is an experience in itself. You will find the camels fascinating. If you are lucky you could drink the camel milk which is very creamy and has some nutritional properties considered good for health.


Each of these different types of Safari offers a unique experience that will remain in your memories when you go back home. Safari rides are also sometimes subject to weather conditions in the desert. Though we try our level best to make it possible for you to complete your safari according to your wishes any inconvenience caused as result of harsh and severe weather conditions is regretted

Dubai Tour Company's insight:

Dubai Tour Company - Desert Safari Tour Packages :


These Safari rides are one amongst the innumerable things to do in Dubai. They will bring in a adrenaline rush and make your go beyond frontiers to enjoy your trip in Dubai as your discover new things.

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