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Top 5 Places to Shop in Dubai

Top 5 Places to Shop in Dubai | Dubai Tour Company |

Dubai is nothing less than a shopper’s paradise. Well, there are so many options to choose from when you want to shop in this emirate that taking a Dubai shopping tour seems to be just the right thing to do. So, book yourself on a tour today. Here are a few places you can cover when on this tour:


1.Dubai Shopping Mall:
A mall like you’ve never seen before, the Dubai Shopping Mall is known to be one of the largest malls in the world. The mall has all possible brands you would want to shop from. Moreover, the place is a complete wonderland. With a spectacular four-storey indoor waterfall, a huge aquarium and an Olympic size ice-rink, the mall is truly another world in itself! A visit to this place can take up your entire day but it is totally worth it!


2.Deira Gold Souk:
Dubai is much known for its gold souks. The Deira Gold Souk has thousands of shops in the market selling you the finest gold jewellery and gold bars at the best prices you could find in the world. There is immense variety and the whole souk has so many options to choose from. You can cut down on the prices even more if you have the knack to bargain!


3.Global Village:
Global village is like the grand shopping carnival. There are merchants and traders from all over the world who come here to display their special goods. You can have a gala time here even if you don’t pick up a lot of things. The variety that is put up by the sellers is simply stunning.


4.Al Fahidi Street:
One of the advantages of shopping in Dubai is that it is a tax-free country. So, you will get electronics in a pretty decent price than what you will get in other places. However, you need to make sure that you get an international warranty before you make a purchase.


5.Bur Dubai Souk:
This souk runs along the very beautiful Dubai Creek. It offers you a great collection of textiles and colourful fabrics from a variety of places like India and the Far East. The variety that you get here is simply awe-raising. There are a lot of exotic fabrics, streets with jewellery stores, tailoring shops and many sari shops wherein you can make a lot of purchases.


These are the top five places in Dubai you should definitely take a shopping trip to. Dubai is full of great opportunities to pick up some of the best things from. So, book your shopping trip in Dubai today!

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Dubai Shopping Tour :

Dubai has amazing places where you can shop endlessly for high quality goods like the Dubai Mall, Bur Dubai Souk, Al Fahidi Street, Deira Gold Souk and the Global Village where you have endless options for shopping for a variety of things. 


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Tips For A Perfect Dubai Desert Safari

Tips For A Perfect Dubai Desert Safari | Dubai Tour Company |

So, are you all geared up to experience the desert safari in Dubai? Well, it is certainly one of the most exciting trips you will ever have. However, before you set out for your safari, here are a few tips that could make your experience much better:


1.Avoid Heavy Meals:


It is advisable that you do not eat anything heavy before the safari. It is advisable that you have a light meal before you go for a desert safari. This is majorly because the dune bashing can be nauseating for some people.


2.Carry Cash:


Carry some cash or credit cards. You might just want to buy some refreshments or snacks. Also, there could be a number of souvenirs which might interest you. Thus, it is definitely advisable to carry money in some form.


3.Comfortable Clothing:


Wear clothing that is comfortable. Do not wear something too tight. This is especially important because there are many activities that a desert safari offers and experiences them is best possible in clothing that is comfortable and loose; typically for activities like sand skiing and quad biking.


4.Light Footwear:


Keep your footwear light as well. Instead of wearing heavy boots and shoes or sneakers and socks, wear flip flops with a thong or simple sandals. As you keep moving in and out of your vehicle and the tent, the sand is simply inevitable! So, instead of fussing later about the sand grains being in your shoes or socks, simply avoid them and slip into comfortable and light footwear.


5.Sun Protect:


Carry items like sunglasses and hats. Well, you are in a desert, even if it is the winter season in Dubai, there is going to be sunlight which can be irritable after a point of time. So, it is essential to keep yourself protected from the sun. Make sure you apply a sunscreen before you leave your hotel.


6.Use Time Wisely:


Use your free time well. When you will be allotted your free time, there are many activities you can enjoy. Make the most of this time and enjoy camel riding, dune bashing and quad biking. These are activities which you might have never done before, so make certain that you do not miss out on this experience.


7.Minimum Luggage:


Do not carry a lot of things with you. The desert camps are well equipped with all the basic things you will require. The food served is simply mouthwatering. So, you don’t need to carry or buy a lot of food separately. You are going to get acquainted with the typical Bedouin lifestyle, so, keep it simple and keep your luggage to the minimum. For a more authentic experience, you can book an overnight desert safari in Dubai.


So, enjoy these tips and book your desert safari today! It is certainly one trip which will give you memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Ankita More's insight:

Morning Desert Safari Tour Dubai : 


Morning Desert Safari Tour Package is perfect for the clients who have no time in the evening. Only dune bashing, camel riding and quad biking are part of it.


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Enjoy The Thrilling And Adventure Trip to Dubai

Enjoy The Thrilling And Adventure Trip to Dubai | Dubai Tour Company |

Dubai is not just for malls and shopping. It is an excellent destination for adventure sports. You can enjoy activities like dune bashing, sky diving, jet skiing, mountain biking, and motorsports.

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A city with excellent modern amenities, a city with great sightseeing destinations, Dubai is also well known for the adventure opportunities that it provides. This emirate is the perfect place to be if you love that adrenaline rush. Here are a few breathtaking activities that you can enjoy in Dubai:
Dune Bashing and Quad Biking:
A typical desert adventure, dune bashing is an excellent way to enjoy the endless sands of Dubai. As you and your friends bundle yourselves in the 4WD and the driver takes you through the challenging dunes, you will feel the rush in this bumpy but totally enjoyable ride. You can also try quad biking in Dubai. Pick up your own quad bike and weave your way through the changing dunes amidst the mesmerizing Arabian deserts.

Jet Ski:
Dubai has pristine, azure waters with a lot of water sports to be explored. Hire Jet Ski in Dubai and enjoy the waters of Dubai in a thrilling way. Do not worry about safety as the tour operators have expert staff to guide you and the security arrangements are up to the mark. You are given all the necessary basic instructions and training for the same.  Jet skiing in Dubai is an exhilarating experience and is a lot of fun with friends and family.

Dubai is known for being home to some of the most luxurious cars. There are many motorsports options in this emirate. If you are a car fanatic, Dubai is the place to enjoy your interests and drive some of the most amazing cars in the world. There are many racing tracks like the Dubai Autodrome which you will thoroughly enjoy.

Sky Diving:
Dubai is a well planned emirate. The Palm Jumeirah islands are especially beautiful look mesmerizingly beautiful from the sky. Sky diving is thus an exhilarating adventure that will not only give to the adrenaline rush that you want but also gives you a strikingly beautiful of the emirate. The Palm Jumeirah islands are especially a treat to the eyes.

Mountain Biking:
If you are a person who loves the bike, Dubai provides you with great opportunities for mountain biking. Amidst the breathtaking landscape, you can enjoy a great time amidst the Hajjar Mountains. However, bear in mind that this is not an activity for beginners. The tough ground and the steep climbs are challenging yet apt for the expert riders.

So if you are an adventure lover, Dubai is the place to be! So, pack up your bags, book your tickets and set off for an adventurous trip to Dubai now! Bon Voyage!

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Dubai Fishing Trip: How To Choose The Best Package

Dubai Fishing Trip: How To Choose The Best Package | Dubai Tour Company |

Dubai has an amazing water body that lets you enjoy all the endless possibilities that you can explore in its waters. From cruising along the beautiful Dubai creek to fishing and crab hunting, you can have a gala time if you are a water lover. Fishing in Dubai is an excellent way to enjoy your trip here. The seas here provide a wide array of fishes like the king fish, queen fish, barracudas, snapper and many more. There are a lot of Dubai tour companies which offer you excellent packages and deals for fishing tours. Here are some tips you should consider while booking a fishing trip in Dubai:


1.How Many People:


Well, it is first important to know how many people are going for the fishing trip. This enables you to understand well as to what size of fishing boat will be required. This will also be instrumental in deciding where you’d want to fish.


2.How Much to Spend:

Well, having a budget in mind is definitely important and you would want to decide how much you intend on spending on the trip. There are many tour companies which have different packages for people with different budget needs.



It is of utmost importance that the company you wish to go on with for the fishing tour offers you with excellent security measures and you have all the necessary equipment for the same. Many companies also provide you with insurance when you are on their boats.



You will be paying a considerable amount of money for your tour, so ensure that the company provides you with excellent service and a good staff who is professionally adept to meet your needs and requirements.


5.Credible Company:

Being in the middle of the sea can be risky. You definitely want to make sure that you are in safe hands. So, it is advisable to do a bit of research before you choose a firm to take you amidst the waters. Read reviews online and ask your friends or family who have done this before.



Well, it is always important to check the prices before you do the bookings. Make sure you are not overpaying for your trip. There are many companies who offer discounted deals and other offers; make the most of these offers and your wallet will thank you!
These are a few essential tips you can follow before booking your fishing trip in Dubai. Book the trip early to avoid any inconvenience. Enjoy fishing with so many memories to cherish for your life.

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Dubai Fishing Tour :

For a hassle free fishing trip in Dubai, make sure that you are decided on how much is your budget, how many people are taking the trip, background about the company and the kind of service the company provides is excellent.  visit our site for discounted Dubai Fishing Tour packages.

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6 Tips For A Golfing Vacation In Dubai

6 Tips For A Golfing Vacation In Dubai | Dubai Tour Company |


Are you a complete fanatic about golf? Do you love to explore various golf clubs and parks around the world? Well, you should definitely plan a trip to Dubai. There are many companies which provide you with excellent golf vacation packages in Dubai. Here are a few tips you can use for a perfect golf holiday in Dubai:


1.Plan the Duration:


It is important to have a proper schedule especially while in Dubai because this place has many golf clubs to be explored. So, it is important that you plan your trip accordingly. If you want to cover all the famous courses, it is ideal to take a 12-15 day golf vacation.


2.Prepare a Budget:


Well, it is essential to understand how much are you ready to spend on your golf trip. The budget you decide on will help you to understand the kind of clubs you can book. It is also a determinant for the type of accommodation and other such things. There are many companies which offer you great discounted deals for accommodation in Dubai.


3.Stay Close:


This is convenient if you are looking out to play in a specific golf course. It is ideal that you stay nearby the golf course or in the same hotel or resort itself. This will help you save a lot of time and also the cost of travelling.


4.Maintain Dressing Etiquettes:


It is highly important to maintain a proper dress code when you are looking out to play golf in Dubai. Well, you must be already aware of the fact that all the upscale golf courses are strict with the dress code. So, simply hold on to the tailored pants and golf shirt rule.

5.Carry a Golf Bag:


It is always handy to carry your own golf bag. No matter where you go, there are times when you only feel comfortable playing with your clubs. Make sure you are carrying a sturdy bag as you have to carry the bag to every golf club you go to.


6.Book Early:


There is absolutely no harm in booking your trip early. In fact, you can get the best deals and accommodations by booking early. Moreover, you will also get a lot of options to consider. The best way to get all the benefits of booking early is by booking golf holidays online.


Use these tips and plan your golf vacation today! Explore the lush green golf courses with the best modern amenities. Let the game begin!

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Golfing Vacation Packages In Dubai


We are UAE Golf Holiday experts  and can provide you Dubai Golf Holiday packages to a huge number of Golf Resorts, Golf Courses and Dubai Creek Golf. Dubai Tour Company is IATA Recognized Travel Company.


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How to Plan a Budgeted Trip to Dubai

How to Plan a Budgeted Trip to Dubai | Dubai Tour Company |

Dubai is an excellent tourist destination. You can have an extremely pocket friendly trip to Dubai with the help of a good tour operator and ensuring that you allot your budget wisely for shopping and travelling.


Visit Our Site For Budgeted Trip to Dubai :

Ankita More's insight:

Dubai has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time. It is the ideal tourist spot for many. Dubai is basically one of those destinations which has transformed into a modern city but has still been able to maintain a perfect balance between the glitz and the culture. In fact, many come to this emirate not only for touring and shopping, but also for making their fortune as this place offers a lot of interesting and strong career as well. There are many Dubai tour packages that you can consider when you plan to visit this city.


Well, if you are looking for a budget tour, you should definitely look out for a cheap Dubai city tour. You can consult various tour companies that offer reasonable and affordable Dubai tour packages. Dubai is home to a number of mesmerizing places you can visit. Right from malls to souks, from deserts to Dubai creek, the list is endless. However, since you intend to have a pocket friendly tour, it is advisable that you chalk down your trip in terms of what you want to do.


Dubai is one emirate which has something for everyone. It is a place which offers many options for the tourists. However, in order to have a Dubai budget tour, you can consider the following tips:


1. Though this city is known for its lavish hotels, you can look out for hotels which have low rates; you can take the help of your tour operator for the same.


2. Dubai malls can be very tempting to keep shopping. However, you need to ensure that you have a budget allotted for the same. Try shopping in the local souks. You pay lower prices yet purchase quality and authentic goods.


3. The desert safari is something is you cannot miss out on. However, instead of taking the overnight desert safari, you can enjoy the sands in the day time in form of morning desert safari.


4. Enjoy the seas of Dubai by visiting the free beaches instead of the paid ones.


5. Travelling can cost you big bucks if you take the local taxi. Instead, hop on to the metro or the bus. They cover all the major tourist destinations and are a lot cheaper too.


6. When it comes to food, Dubai has some great local restaurants you can try. You don’t really need to spend a fortune on the 5 star restaurants.


In a nutshell, these are a few things you can enjoy in a city which never disappoints its visitors. There are many tour companies which offer great packages and discounts to their customers. So, plan your Dubai tour today and have a trip full of memories to be cherished for a lifetime!

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