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Scuba Diving – Move On To Your Adventurous Side

Scuba Diving – Move On To Your Adventurous Side | Dubai Desert Safari Tours |

If you are an expert diver, then scuba diving can be a cakewalk for you. However, if you are new to the world of diving, then you can have a look at a few tips that you can follow as a beginner. You can experience scuba diving in the Gulf of Oman where the clear and clean water is too enticing. Read on to get some basic tips on scuba diving.


1.Understand the art of scuba diving –

You need to be mentally prepared for experiencing scuba diving. That’s because if you yourself are not sure of your performance underwater, then you shouldn’t be entering the water at any cost. Only when you think you can manage with the apparatus given to you, should you even think of entering the water.


2.Don’t try to hold your breath –

You need to breathe slowly and exhale completely. Generally, divers tend to hold their breath underwater which is a wrong thing to do. You will end up suffering from lung issues and other respiratory problems if you do so.


3.Don’t try this activity while you’re alone –

It is best if you try this activity in groups. You need to give the okay signal to all your group mates and see whether they give you the same signal back. Considering that it’s an underwater activity, there are full chances of you getting lost if you are not in a group.


4.Restrain yourself –

Just because you’re very excited does not mean that you can take a lot of risks and come out unhurt. You need to exercise extreme caution especially because you’re a beginner. The more careful your approach is the better will be the end result. Besides, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


5.Clean up your foggy goggles with your saliva –

Though this sounds like a bad idea, it indeed works while you’re underwater. Often foggy goggles will make your underwater stay uncomfortable and blurred. That’s the reason why using your own saliva to clean the surface of the goggles is bound to work.


6.Relieve your sinuses –

As you go deeper underwater, you are bound to feel suffocated as the oxygen level decreases. However, you need to descend your breath slowly as drastic changes may lead to intense pain in your lungs. You can pinch your nose to relieve your lungs and sinuses to a great extent.


7.Come up slowly –

For the same reasons as those mentioned above, you need to ascend slowly as well. Your body needs some time to get adjusted to the increasing levels of oxygen. Ascending too fast can lead to serious injuries and even death. That’s one reason why you need to take extreme care while you’re diving as the blood vessels can get ruptured easily in the process.

Keep the above tips in mind and have a safe scuba diving experience. All the best!

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Scuba diving is an adventurous task. The above mentioned tips will help you take baby steps in this sport. Though it seems simple, you need to follow all the tips and learn the sport gradually.

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Tips To Have A Comfortable Camping Experience - Pack Your Bags Today

Tips To Have A Comfortable Camping Experience - Pack Your Bags Today | Dubai Desert Safari Tours |

Camping can become your life’s most pleasurable experience, provided you have all the essentials in place. Dubai is a great place to go camping with all the desert rides, camels, belly dancing and more. Mentioned below are a few tips on how you can have a blissful camping experience.


1.Plan in advance – 
If you know that you’ll be camping sometime soon, it is always better to plan each and every step in advance. Right from buying the right sized backpack to the things required for sleeping, everything needs to be packed optimally in the bag. However, don’t fit a lot of unnecessary things in your bag and keep it light so that you can trek comfortably. Things such as a sleeping bag, the tent and more should never be forgotten to have a hassle free experience.


2.Bring all the things required for making a fireplace – 
Things such as wood, newspapers, matches and more need to be collected for the camp fire. Also keep water ready in hand so that it can be used quickly if the fire needs to be stopped at any point of time.


3.Don’t neglect the food – 
Carry a nutritious bar or cup noodles and other such food items that do not require cooking. Don’t neglect this aspect, as you need energy to survive and trek in the site.


4.Carry the right kind of clothes – 
It is important to carry clothing such as cotton wear, light colored t-shirts, and other moisture-repelling clothes to feel dry and be free of sweat. Don’t forget to carry a swimsuit in case you end up spending a lot of time in beaches and pools.


5.Don’t forget to carry a set of gadgets – 
You need to carry your mobile charger, extra batteries, a torch and a lamp to have a safe experience.


6.Keep the surroundings clean – 
Unless you maintain hygiene, you’ll end up in a complete mess. Therefore, make sure you use tissue papers, hand sanitizers and wipes to keep yourself clean and tidy. Considering that there’ll be many people staying under one common roof, it becomes essential to keep the space free of clutter.


7.Carry medication –
You need to carry painkillers, creams, sunscreen lotions, a first aid kit and other such important medication to stay safe. You need to exercise extreme care especially if you’re camping in a distant location away from the facilities in the city.


8.Clean up the place while leaving –

While leaving, make sure you take all your belongings with you, and leave the camp site in a good state. While packing up the used utensils and plates, you need to make sure that they are clean and do not smell bad. If you don’t do it, your bag will become a storehouse of microbes.

Keep the above points in mind to have a pleasurable camping experience.

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Dune Buggy Safari – Roller coaster ride in the desert

Dune Buggy Safari – Roller coaster ride in the desert | Dubai Desert Safari Tours |

Dune buggy tours are sure to get you into the adventurous mode. However, safety is given the utmost priority so that you can enjoy the ride comfortably without any worries. The above mentioned tips will show you how you can have a memorable dune buggy experience.


Enjoy Dune Buggy Ride With Our Company Click Here :


Rubina Shaikh's insight:

If you wish to have an action packed ride in the desert, then the dune buggy safari tour is something you just cannot miss. With pumping heart beats and a comfortable ringside seat, you are all set to experience the dune buggy safari.  To first begin with the encounter, you need to wear a helmet and sand protection goggles as a lot of sand will be tossed around you.

The dune buggies are medium sized vehicles that have a full-roll cage that works in association with the safety harnesses to prevent the occupants from falling down. This ride has been made for people who are 16 years and above. The ride feels similar to a desert roller coaster ride with all the excitable rolls, butterflies in the stomach and all the topsy-turvy experiences.

It goes without saying that there are trainers on the field to supervise all the actions and prevent any untoward incident from occurring. They give the occupants complete training on how to handle the bike while moving across the desert.

It’s pretty clear that this ride has not been tailored for people with health conditions. People with health problems such as joint injuries, weak eyesight, those who’ve undergone surgeries in the recent past, and those with sprains, joint pain, heart trouble and fractures should not opt for the dune buggy tour.

Before you set out to experience the ultimate dune buggy safari, you have to ensure that you do the following.

1.Wear fully covered clothing – It is important that you wear clothing that covers your entire body from head to toe as a lot of sand will be spread around your body.

2.Wear sturdy shoes – You need to wear sturdy shoes that are covered from all the sides and support the ankles optimally.

3.Sport a pair of sunglasses – It’s very important to wear sunglasses as you’re engaging in a desert sport.

4.Use a sunscreen – You need to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the ultra-violet radiations of the sun and to protect your skin in general.

5.Get a towel with you – You need to get a towel with you to wipe away the sweat due to the sunny weather.

6.Get a big water bottle – Don’t forget to carry a water bottle along as you are likely to feel very thirsty while in the desert.

7.Watch out for the sand dunes and other unique spots in the desert – You are likely to get a clear view of the desert so you can watch out for the sand dunes, creatures and plantations in the desert.
If you are visiting Dubai, then dune buggy tours should definitely be on your wish list. So enjoy the desert rollercoaster today!

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All You Want To Know About Henna Painting – An Intricate Art

All You Want To Know About Henna Painting – An Intricate Art | Dubai Desert Safari Tours |

Henna painting forms a primary part of the culture in the Middle East. It has been there since a very long time and continues to be a cherished activity for millions of people. Once you set out on a desert safari tour, you cannot miss out on the henna painting sessions. There are innumerable designs that can make your hands and other areas of your body look really pretty and catchy. There are many experts who make impeccable tattoos that will enrich your body in every way. Apart from the cosmetic uses, henna can also be used as a coating for furniture, for coloring the hair, body art and other creative ways to use colors. The dark color that’s produced after applying the tattoo does the trick here. Mentioned below are a few designs that you can opt for:


1.Mehndi –

Mehndi is generally applied on the hands of brides and people in general. It is believed that if the mehndi produces a dark color after it is removed, the bridegroom really loves his bride. The first letter of the bridegroom is generally painted somewhere in the design. Considering that this art is very intricate, it may take an hour or two for application.


2.Scenery –

All the animate creatures such as birds like peacock, their feathers and other forms of nature are generally depicted in henna designs. Flowers and trees are also used commonly in designs. You can also ask for a personalized design that reflects your personality and interests.


3.Words –

Words are also regarded as a common form of design. People generally use the names of their significant others or a quote that gives them inner strength.

Considering that the tattoos are temporary and fade out within some days, you have the option of experimenting with different designs. However, to make the henna painting last long, you need to follow some simple tips.


1.Leave the design on your hands for a long time – You need to keep the design overnight for it to produce a lasting effect on your hands and feet.


2.Use coconut oil while removing the tattoo – Use simple coconut oil while removing the design. Do not use water for removing it or else the color won’t last for a long time.


3.Do not bathe for about 15 hours after removing the paste – You need to let the skin absorb the design. Therefore don’t scrub the designed area too soon or else the color will get washed away easily.


4.Use baby oil to make the color last for a long period of time – Once you have removed the paste, use baby oil on your hands every day to make the color last for a longer duration.

So are you ready for a wonderful henna painting session?

Rubina Shaikh's insight:

Henna Painting Dubai :

Henna painting is a beautiful art that’s seen in the culture of the Middle East and other parts of the world. There are a number of rituals associated with this form of art. The above mentioned facts will encourage you to have a delightful henna painting session. Enjoy!.

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What to pack for your Dubai travel

What to pack for your Dubai travel | Dubai Desert Safari Tours |

Dubai is one of the top vacation spots in the world. The reasons for it are many. Top notch hotels, finest monuments, desert safaris and so on. This city has also become one of the safest places in the world. However, you need to pack the right things to ensure that you have the best traveling experience in Dubai. Read on to know more.


1.Sunscreen -

This is one of the most important things you need to carry while on your trip to Dubai. The sunscreen lotion will not just keep your skin clear but even protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This in turn reduces the risk of skin cancer and other ailments. Considering that you would be visiting the desert, having a sunscreen at your disposal is very crucial.


2.Waterproof and zoom cameras –

If you want to spend some cozy moments in the beaches of Dubai, you need to carry a waterproof camera so that your snapper doesn’t get damaged in the process. You also need to carry zoom cameras to click the pictures of different creatures and locations while you are roaming about in the desert.


3.Light cotton clothing and soft rubber shoes –

You need to carry light colored clothing with you so that you feel fresh and cool in the sunny weather. You also need to wear rubber shoes that are covered and soft for you to travel comfortably in the city.


4.Sunglasses and caps –

Given the fluctuating weather of Dubai, it’s always better to be safe. You need to have caps and sunglasses to protect you from the heat in the sultry weather. Especially if you’re planning to go to the desert, you need to wear sunglasses as well as caps for ultimate protection against the harmful rays of the sun.


5.A huge luggage bag and some small bags –

You will find that shopping is really a fulfilling experience in Dubai. Apart from the sheer variety that you’ll find in the malls, the prices are also reasonable in the city. That’s because the import tax levied on the items is less and so the prices at which they are sold out is also low. So make sure you have a huge luggage to fit in all the purchased goods and additional carry bags in case you have much more to buy. With events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival and places such as the Gold Souk, Dubai is indeed a heaven for shoppers.

So are you ready to explore the city of dreams? Pack up now.

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Overnight desert safari – A blissful experience

Overnight desert safari – A blissful experience | Dubai Desert Safari Tours |

An evening desert safari is packed with thrill to the core. The above mentioned activities are a part of the evening desert safari. Right from dune bashing to quad bikes to belly dancing, you have all that it makes for a wonderful stay in the desert.  


For Over Night Safari Tour In Dubai Visit Our Site :

Rubina Shaikh's insight:

Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without having an overnight desert camping experience. There are a myriad of activities that you can engage in and satisfy your appetite for the ultimate thrill and excitement. The desert safari begins with a 4X4 Safari picking you up from your destination and taking you to the desert for basking in the gentleness of the evening desert sun. Once you reach the desert, the following activities are undertaken with your due consent.

* Dune Bashing – This is one of the most exhilarating rides to experience in the desert. As the safari goes up and down the sand dunes, it just feels like a roller coaster ride. The exhaustive dune bashing is likely to increase your hunger and so refreshments such as cold drinks, food items and others are served as you go further inside the desert.

* Quad Biking –The quad bikes also known as ATVs take you along different routes covering different locations in the desert. They take you through different areas of the desert that you would like to discover. One person can use the quad bike at one time, and the required training is given on the spot.

* Camel ride – Those who wish to exert less can ride on a camel’s back and visit all the beautiful spots in the desert. A bumpy and slow ride on the camel allows you to snap up all the unique sights in the desert. You also get an excellent opportunity to talk to the locals in the adjoining areas and take pictures of their lifestyle and culture.

* Overnight desert camping – The campsite is replete with the ancient Arabic decor and carpets. You then get to sip in some hot Arabian coffee that’s followed by an exotic dinner bringing you all kinds of meat in one platter. If you’re a vegetarian, then you have an option for that as well.

* Belly Dancing - Following a soothing dinner, it’s time to hit the dance floor. The following night is in its highest spirit as the belly dancers groove to soft Arabic music. If you are interested, you can show off your dance moves as well.

* Party time – After all the activities and dancing is over, you can have a family party at home or even watch a nice movie with your near and dear ones. All the arrangements are made by the tours company and so you can have a gala time. Finally, it’s time to retire for the night and go to sleep in a relaxed ambience amidst the soothing night sky with stars and the moon waving you good night.

* Good morning – As the morning sun reaches you, it’s time for a tasty cup of coffee followed by a buffet breakfast. By then, it’s time to pack up all your bags, as the vehicle gets ready to take you back to the city.
All in all, an evening desert safari is something that you just cannot miss during your trip to Dubai.

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