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New Leaf Data - Downloads

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Modal Windows/Revert Record

One of the many great new features in FileMaker Pro 12 is modal windows. In this screencast I demonstrate how to use a modal window to add and edit a record. The same layout is used for adding and editing a record and the technique requires two scripts. There is a caveat to this technique and this is the real purpose of the screencast. The second script uses the Revert Record script step which will delete a newly created record as well as undo any changes to an existing record. However, if the user commits the record then the record cannot be reverted. Fortunately, this is easy to solve.

FMP 12 File



Using a Grid to Design Layouts in FileMaker 12

FileMaker Pro 12's new grid tool allows developers to create layouts similar to using a CSS framework such as 960 Grid. John Mathewson of Kyo Logic, LLC does an excellent job of demonstrating the new grid tool in his FileMaker Academy webinar "Layout Mode Enhancements". This file is meant to compliment the grid demonstration in that webinar.

FMP 12 File



Normalizaing a Flat File in FMP 11

As FileMaker Pro developers we are often required to take a flat file and normalize it. Here are the steps that I take to normalize a database in FileMaker Pro 11.

FMP 11 File



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FileMaker 12 Developers Reference: Functions, Scripts, Commands, and Grammars : Bowers, Lane, Love, Heady

FileMaker 12 Developers Reference: Functions, Scripts, Commands, and Grammars

~ Dawn Heady (author) More about this product
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FileMaker 12 Developers Reference: Functions, Scripts, Commands, and Grammars [Bob Bowers, Steve Lane, Scott Love, Dawn Heady] on Amazon.com.


FileMaker 12 Developer’s Reference will serve to help bridge the gaps in these people's understanding of FileMaker's hundreds of calculation functions, script steps, and operations.

They know FileMaker, they've used it for years, but they need a quick reference, immediately accessible while not interrupting their work on screen.

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