Getting a DUI is a pretty common occurrence in the United States. Having a few too many drinks with your friends and deciding to drive yourself home is a quick way to position yourself (and other drivers) at risk and often ends up with being pulled over and charged with a DUI. To help you with your court case, deciding on the right DUI lawyer is vital—here are a few tips to make sure the DUI lawyer you select is right for your goals. Make Sure They Are an Actual DUI Lawyer If you ask an attorney if they accept DUI cases, there’s a decent chance they will say yes. This doesn’t automatically mean they actually specialize in DUI law they might just be familiar with it. To obtain the top results make sure to ask specific questions: do they regularly attend seminars on the subject of drunk driving law? When is the last time they handled a DUI case? If they aren’t sure of their answers, they might not be the best DUI lawyer for you. Make Sure They Are Up To Date and Familiar With Local Laws DUI laws can change on the state level fairly frequently. Keeping up with all of these changes can be the difference in a DUI lawyer that wins your case and one that fails. Ask if your DUI lawyer is part of any DUI attorney memberships, listservs, or frequents continuing education events to keep up-to-date with the legal landscape in your precise area. Beyond the scope of just the law, having a DUI attorney that is familiar with the people can be just as important to your case. An out-of-town DUI attorney may not recognize the judge or the prosecutor handling your case or how they function. Hiring a DUI attorney with this type of local, inside information can prove to be an irreplaceable resource as your case progresses . Does the DUI Lawyer Have Trial Experience? Lawyers that claim to represent clients in drunk driving cases may not actually have much in-court experience. If your case is expected to go to trial, having someone on your side that has been in the courtroom and knows how to conduct him or herself, getting a better deal from the prosecuting attorney or winning the case altogether is much more liable than having an inexperienced DUI lawyer who has never set foot in a courtroom for a DUI case. Do you perform well with your attorney? You have to know that your DUI lawyer is going to represent you in the best way possible. If you have any type of personality clash it doesn’t matter how much you’re paying, you may not get the level of representation you need to achieve your desired results. If you have a lot of questions, knowing your DUI attorney will be able to swiftly respond and effectively communicate with you will go a long way in making the case go as smoothly as possible. A great way to get a feel for your DUI lawyer and how they operate is to take them up on their consultation—most offer this for free and it’s a great way to see if you will be able to work well as one to win your case.