Officer Gail Thomas Hit and Killed by an Alleged Drunk Driver | Drunk Driving |

August Vollmer | DUI / DWI, Featured, In the Line of Duty, Police Officer Killed, Posts (RT @EmergencyStream: Atlanta police officer killed by drunk driver:"


Assignment A

1.  A police officer is hit and killed by a drunk driver.

2.  Some of the main points that are mentioned are that the police officer that was killed was a 15-year veteran. The drunk driver was a 22-year-old woman and was charged with driving under the influence, 1st degree and reckless driving. The woman received results of a .16 on a breath test.

3.  I think the writer's opinion is that she has heard of these stories about officers being killed by reckless drivers, under the influence or not, and she isn't surprised that another similar event has been recently occured.

4.  The writer doesn't necessarily state their opinion DIRECTLY but it seems that in the first sentence she does somewhat have an opinion: "Law Enforcement is once again mourning the death of a Police Officer."

5. (SKIP)

6.  You don't learn much from the columnist but you can sort of tell they have heard of similar events from the first sentence: "Law Enforcement is once again..."

7.  This article was written for readers that want to know the information right then and there and that want to know what is going on in the world; they don't have time for an "entertaining" story.

8.  The writer has some evidence of how they feel about this but not so much to where you can agree/disagree with them because in the first sentence they say that the Enforcement is "ONCE AGAIN mourning the death."


Assignment B

This news story is "fact-after-fact" therefore, it is a logical appeal (logos). The author didn't mean for it to be entertaining, persuasive, etc. They wanted it to be an informative essay.

"The driver, whose vehicle hit the officer, was identified as 22-year-old Chasity Jones. Jones was charged with driving under the influence, homicide by vehicle, 1st degree and reckless driving, according to Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos."

According to the selection above from the article, you can see that it's fact-after-fact and they aren't making it entertaining or using different types of parts of speech/descriptive words. It's basically a straight article.