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Scooped by robert peyton luis k

my scoop on drought

      What is a drought? A drought is an amount of time in a region where the precipitation is rather low for that climate region. A drought occurs anywhere on the earth. The reasons for a drought can be natural ones or be artificial.
         To begin with the main reason for a drought to occur is when there is a major change in the precipitation for the worse, meaning less precipitation. How is this occurs is the more complicated part. One reason to affect less precipitation in an area is by mass consumption of the water in the area. For example when farmers plant a lot of crops in order to sell and feed the country they must use a lot of water. Most of the water is pumped from groundwater, diverted from a river, or irrigation systems are used to draw water into the ground of agriculture. Most of the water runoffs into the ocean or other areas thus that water does not evaporate into that region. Humans are using but not replenishing the water they have consumed and new water will not appear it must come from the evaporated water in that region. So if there is no water to evaporate then there is less precipitation thus leading to drought.
      Another way to cause change in precipitation rate is by changing the evaporation rate in a region. Way humans alter the rate of evapotranspiration, which is the combined rate of both transpiration and evaporation, is by firstly getting rid of the plants and trees. Plants transpire which is the releasing of water since plants go through the process of photosynthesis and one of the products is water along with oxygen. So a lot of plants mean a lot of water to evaporate in the region thus replenishes the system of its limited water. Another way is by deforestation. Yes trees transpire however trees hold in place the soil, which has water. when a natural event such as a storm or even a small rain shower occurs the soil without trees would runoff into another water source that is located probably far from the region and thus that water is gone and not available for evaporation in that region. The less evaporation then less precipitation can occur and that means drought in the region.
        Lastly to cause a drought is by creating cities. The land is changed to benefit and stabilize the city. This means by making flat land, removing soil, and adding chemical which changes the natural chemistry in that region. The other thing it changes is that the albedo in that region is now different. Albedo is the how well a surface can reflects solar energy. The cities of concrete have very low albedos since most cities absorb heat very well. All of this heat creates a climate change to be warmer. If the climate is warmer than more water will be consumed and will be evaporated but if it hot then the water is not able to condense in to water so it moves with clouds till it is the right conditions to become liquid state. This means that the water is carried away to another region and leaves that region forever. Another way cities cause drought is by the plumbing system. This system has many flaws in that water is able to leak and is lost in the ground. Literally thousands of gallons lost due to water leaking for not very efficient pipes. The less water in the region then more likely the region will experience drought due to the water that is gone from the natural water cycle.
    In conclusion drought is caused by reckless human activity and this must stop in order to preserve the earth in which we live in.

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