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Rescooped by Johanna from Drama

Constantin Stanislavski Biography

Constantin Stanislavski Biography | Dramatica | Scoop.it
Learn more about Constantin Stanislavski, the Russian stage actor and director who came up with the technique known as the 'Stanislavsky method,' or method acting.

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Johanna's insight:

Drama students:

As we've found out in class, Stanislavski was a teenager like yourselves when he first began his theatre debut. Although he was born back in the 1800's, his concepts and theories are consistently still taught in schools and acting colleges. Read both pages of this Scoop and leave a brief comment about what you were most surprised by in his biography.

Sondra Rivett's curator insight, April 29, 2013 11:51 PM

1. What year did he start acting?

2.What is his guiding structure for actors called?

3.What year did his company successfully open?

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Stanislavski Method: Magic If and Illusion of the First Time ...

Stanislavski Method: Magic If and Illusion of the First Time ... | Dramatica | Scoop.it
In teaching acting two important concepts that are connected to the Stanislavski method or system are the Magic If and the actors need to create the Illusion of the First Time. Understanding the Magic If can help an actor make ...

Via Jane Brody
Johanna's insight:

Take on the role of a play director while you read further about Stanislavski's methods in this Scoop. In groups of five, create a three minute play realistically portraying a family dinner that you imagine would have taken place when Stanislavski was an adolescent. 


During your performance of the skit in two weeks time, each of you will 'direct' another group, stopping them and asking them questions about the 'Magic If' and directing their use of Illusion. Formulate an actor's manual of ten 'Magic If' questions that you will pose to another character as you direct their performance, as well as five questions that an actor could ask themselves to perceive if their using Illusion efficiently. 

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