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Rescooped by Jacqui Tait from Drama Clips

Practicing Audition Monologues : Monologue Examples

Searching for monologue audition tips? Watch a sample monologue in this free video clip about performing monologues for acting auditions. Expert: Tracy Goodw...

Via Anna Bowden
Jacqui Tait's insight:

How does the monologue you are working on differ from this one?

If you were to perform this monologue, what would you do differently.? Please choose 3-4 lines and perform them as you would using the drama techniques shown in the slideshow.

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Rescooped by Jacqui Tait from drama - Monologues

Drama techniques

AS 1.1 Use Drama Techniques

Via Kady Marshall
Jacqui Tait's insight:

Hello! This is a great source to double check your progress into your monologue as it tells you which are the most important to incorperate into your performance!

Kady Marshall's curator insight, May 4, 2013 6:09 AM

For your drama monologues you will need  to use your voice, body, movement and a lot of space. Watch this slide share and answer the following questions?


What is once technique used for each section: voice, body, movement, space? Why do these techniques stand out from the rest?


Explain how effected the use of projection in your voice is for monolgues?