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"Online Film Dictionary - terms from the world of movies.


Welcome to the Online Film Dictionary. This dictionary shall help you to better understand all those movie-specific terms in foreign languages.As thus it should also be a helping advice for the contributors of the Internet Movie Database in their need to translate movie credits into the english language.


There are several reasons for such a dictionary, but all of those were of private nature in the first place. It was never planned to publish the dictionary online. I often watch movies and always wanted to know what things like e.g. 'gaffer' do mean. Nobody was able to tell me about and so I had to live with such problems for years.

My wish to understand about such terms became much more concrete, when I began to submit data to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) in late 1994. I was and I am fascinated by this database project which is solely based on the contributions of internet users from all over the world. Soon the need arose to translate the credits data from e.g. german movies into the english language. So I began to compile a list of terms one of which I always had and have on my computer, because I submit data to the IMDb nearly every week. The list was not an easy job to do, because there are just a few sources for ..."

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