Dr. Paul Drago Gives Back to Barnwell County
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Dr. Paul Drago Gives Back to Barnwell County
Like many who share his passion for medicine, Dr. Paul Drago is quick to undersell his own achievements and emphasize the quality and generosity of his patients rather than his own merits. Residents of Barnwell County, South Carolina, however, have more to say on the issue. Arguing that Dr. Paul Drago is one of the finest they have ever encountered, patients have been overwhelmed by Dr. Paul Drago’s spectacular medical contributions to the community, as well as the difference he has made in the personal lives of many. Educated in various areas all over the country (and even spending some time abroad), Dr. Paul Drago has had a wide-ranging and fulfilling career. Still, when asked about South Carolina and the community in Barnwell, he noted that its residents were “among the finest I have ever seen in my career… They are truly giving, compassionate, kind, and everything I could ever ask for in patients. I am incredibly blessed.” With praise like this, it is hardly shocking that Dr. Paul Drago has become so beloved within the Barnwell community. His tenure with the hospital has been brief thus far, but he has already made incredible strides in insuring community access to the best neck and throat treatments available at a time when finding doctors has become tragically difficult in many parts of the South. Over the course of the past decade, medical access has been difficult at times for some residents of southern states but, fortunately, South Carolina has managed to stay resilient, bringing valued medical professionals into the area. This has come as a relief to many who seek medical assistance, especially those suffering from neck and throat conditions, a surprisingly common ailment and the kind in which Dr. Paul Drago specializes. Specialists in otolaryngology, the field in which Dr. Paul Drago currently practices, may oftentimes feel undervalued due to limited knowledge regarding their profession, but Dr. Paul Drago insists that he has felt warmly welcomed and that the Barnwell community has provided him with a home and family as he continues his medical career. As the reaction from Barnwell will attest, the feeling is clearly mutual.
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