Dose Monitoring
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Scooped by Alex Rioux!

eXposure™ | Radimetrics Inc.

eXposure™ | Radimetrics Inc. | Dose Monitoring |
Alex Rioux's insight:

Most extensive product


Useful mostly for Medical phycisit and CT tech chief


Not clear that Fluoro and plain x-ray and mammo are included.


In addition to collecting dose information through RDSR, MPPS, and DICOM OCR

-it does some dose adjustment based on patient heigh and weight

-estimate organ dose

-help optimise protocol

-link to scout and overlay dose profile

-simulate change in protocol (mostly lenght of body part scanned)


Provide a digital protocol handbook

Attempt at analysing CT room productivity and utilization ... not convinced


Failed several time during a 30 minutes demo (restart, error message, difficulty to exit a frozen screen).


Bayer seems to be interest to pair this product with their contrast agent reselling

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Scooped by Alex Rioux!

RaySafe - RaySafe S1

RaySafe - RaySafe S1 | Dose Monitoring |
RaySafe S1
Alex Rioux's insight:

Covers all ionizing modality, no dose adjustement, fees per modality to connect.


Prefer to get Dose information from RDSR, if not available, from MPPS, if not DICOM.

Receiving from a DICOM SC and using OCR is not ideal.


More or less then 100$ / month / modality/ users ...


3 users 7 modality 12 months roughly cost 25,200$ per year


Cloud based system ... painfully slow (>10 sec. per click) on the RSNA network.


Swedish company

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Scooped by Alex Rioux!

RADIANCE - Radiation Dose Intelligent Analytics for CT Examinations

Alex Rioux's insight:

Free, open source solution developped at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Runs on a window server, support for Linux is coming

Gets dose information and import it in a relational database

-from RDSR (Radiation Dose Structured Reports)

-use open source OCR


Provide real time dashborad and monthly report

Can query PACS to recover dose sheets

-ability to create RDSR for submission to the ACR national Registry


Seems like it could be fairly easily be integrated in our offering.


I could imagine it feeding our datamart and building more analytics with it.


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