Just this morning, Mom said that I want everything all at once- I despise idle time. This got me thinking how I manage mine.  I'm a full-time employee, a part-time student, aspiring business owner, and a fledging financial planner. (Please add dutiful daughter, dependable sister, loving girlfriend, and supportive friend!) Add all these up and you'll find out why I live a busy life. :)


No regrets- I love every bit of this life. And I want to take time to thank God for the following: (The sequence is a bit dorky, but what the heck, I'm a Relationship Manager! Report is my thing!)


1. Family- Oh, this group never fails to perplex me. I love them- they're happy, irritating, supportive, defensive, awesome. I'm a mixture of their sometimes-good-sometimes-bad traits. These people are love. :)


2. Boyfriend- Now this guy is everything I have wanted. It's quite difficult to place how he is in words- because words are not enough to describe the elation I feel whenever I'm with him or whenever that thought of him enters my mind. :)


3. Work- I love work because I love providing for the people I love. :)


4. Friends- I can never have enough of them. :)



I'm going to write about something with more depth when I get home. I'm afraid I just started to write again. I'm still getting the hang of it. #