LOTTO Winners, beware! Meet the four who went from jackpot to jack squat | Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy & Culture |

One of the saddest tales is that of Jack Whittaker, the cowboy-hat-wearing West Virginia contractor who scored a $315 million Powerball win in December 2002.

Already a millionaire, Whittaker pledged to give 10 percent of his fortune to charity. But legal and personal problems took a heavy toll, and he started hitting the sauce and hanging out at sleazy jiggle joints.

Just eight months after his big score, he was robbed of $545,000 in a strip club. A month later, his granddaughter died of an overdose from drugs bought with an allowance from him. A short time later, his daughter also died of a drug overdose

“I wish I’d torn that ticket up,” Whittaker sobbed to reporters at the time.

By January 2007, Whittaker told cops thieves had emptied his bank accounts.