dolphins and porpoises
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Scooped by vienna fu!

How to Save Dolphins

How to Save Dolphins | dolphins and porpoises |
Dolphins are friendly, interactive animals who love to play with us humans. They enjoy social activities such as playing and swimming. The problem today is that many dolphins are dying of the entanglement in nets, with the population...
vienna fu's insight:

-Don't release helium balloons

-Create a website on it! Have a donation page, a web links page and a page on how you can help! This page would be a perfect example.

-Donate to the IFAW and Greenpeace

-Ask the fishermen not to discard nets into the water.

-Put up signs! You can make easy homemade signs your self, with a link to your Save the Dolphins website. If you have a Save the Dolphins group, invite them to help make the signs.

-Have a bake sale or a yard sale! Make a big sign saying all (or half) of the profits go to saving dolphins.

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Dolphin Conservation

Dolphin Conservation | dolphins and porpoises |
Dolphin Conservation. There are numerous private and public organizations that work tirelessly for the conservation of all species of dolphins.
vienna fu's insight:

-humans have contributed to contaminants in the water such as plastic, chemicals, and oil.

-we also create pollution that can harm the dolphins food sourses and it makes it harder for dolphins to find enough food to survive.

-boats are common to be found in the area where dolphins are found and it will cause injuries and death to the dolphins when they are being struck with moterized vehicles.

-commercial fishing operations can also be a risk to dolphins because the dolphins can get caught in the nets that are used to catch fish.

-in some places like Japan and Peru the dolphins are hunted down as meat to eat. 

-the dolphins have delecate skin and alot of things that humans put in the water can rip the dolphin skin and cause infections and diseases.

-some dolphins suffer through hearing lost because of the loud sounds of motors and other things that are loud.

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What Can I Do to Save Dolphins?

What Can I Do to Save Dolphins? | dolphins and porpoises |
Hawaiian spinner dolphin behaviors, pictures, video, information, volunteer
vienna fu's insight:

some things that we can do to help dolphins are:

-reuse, reduce and recycle

-use fewer harmfull chemicles so dolphins wont die from the chemicals

-dont leave dangerous stuff in the water because if it is deep enough it can get cought in the skin of the dolphins and the dolphin skin is very sensative

-dont use electrical appliances for things that you can easily do by hand

-save kitchan straps for compost

-dont go to places in the ocean where dolphins live because your boat's motor can make dolphins have bad hearing and they caan get run over by the big vehicles.

-dont hunt the dolphins and eat them because then the populations will decrease 

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