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Children and Dogs -

Children and Dogs - | |
Correct handling and conditioning as instructed and explained by your Ausdog trainer. Significantly reduce the risk to children through education by Ausdog on correct handling and conditioning.Sadly, statistics prove that most dog bite incidents, whether accidental or provoked, occur in and around the home and involve family dogs and young children.

Overly excited dogs that are jumping out of control can frighten young children and often cause injury. Scratches and bites are the most common problems and generally occur because dogs and children are left to their own devices.

Young children and dogs should always be supervised when together.

Correct handling and conditioning, as instructed and explained by your AUSDOG Trainer, will reduce the risks significantly.

Dogs are pack animals, and so it is very important that you establish the correct pecking order for your dog. If this is not established early, your dog will automatically establish its own position in the pack, generally causing future problems for family members.

This is why the whole family, including children, should be involved in the caring and training of your dog. It is advisable that children learn how to behave in the correct manner around dogs, to reduce the risk and increase enjoyment for all.

All too often we hear of another child bitten by a family dog. People are clearly not getting the message about the importance of managing family pets around young children.

More children are hospitalised in Australia each year resulting from dog bites than car accidents.

In all our years of dog training, we are yet to see or work with a dog that could be trusted 100% around small children.

Children have no understanding of dogs and the potential of danger, nor do many adults.

Dogs are not humans. Humanising of dogs is not necessarily kind it is often cruel and confusing to dogs. Dog bite incidents are often a direct result of humanising dogs and is in many cases the cause of so many behavioural problems in dogs.

Unfortunately the pet industry as a whole has a lot to answer for in encouraging humanising of dogs. We have found misinformation to be the predominant cause of confusion with owners and their dogs.

If you are going to obtain advice check out the source and give it a bit of thought. Anyone can write a book or put anything on the net, does it make it correct?

This is not to say you should be paranoid about dogs, however the use of simple common sense along with the correct information and education provided by professional trainers on how to manage your family pet around young children in order to avoid dog bite incidents occuring in the first place.

Very few people are qualified to advise you on the correct rearing and training of dogs to become safe suitable family companions.

At AUSDOG that's what we do and have been doing so for the past 30 years. As professional dog tainers and behavioural specialists, we educate owners how to correctly manage their companion dogs around small children.
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Dog Training and Puppy Training Services Melbourne offered by AusDog-DogTraining

Dog Training and Puppy Training Services Melbourne offered by AusDog-DogTraining | |

Dog Training and Puppy Training Services offered by AusDog, Behavioural Issues, Training Programs, Phone Consultation, Areas Serviced, Consultation Fees and Costs. Benefits of using Ausdog vs other alternatives.

Many people's first question is "how much will it cost?" to train their puppy or dog. Cost of training is very important however what is far more important is the cost of not training or the high cost of incorrect training.


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