Does Your Handbag Weigh 3 LBs
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Scooped by Robert Dickens!

Handbags will help fund North Kentville Habitat for Humanity build

Handbags will help fund North Kentville Habitat for Humanity build | Does Your Handbag Weigh 3 LBs |
NEW MINAS - The windows and doors are installed on the latest Habitat for Humanity construction project in Kentville and another handbag auction will help fund the continuing work.
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Scooped by Robert Dickens!

Crazy About Handbags

Crazy About Handbags | Does Your Handbag Weigh 3 LBs |

It is said that the average American women owns six handbags. The average women in England owns 21 and buys a new one about three months. The average weight of the bag is three pounds.


From designer to inexpensive. We have leather, vinyl, fabric, even PCV. Handbags, Clutches, Purses, Man Bags, Coin Purses. Belly Bags,Totes and Backpacks.

One of my grandsons has to have his Superman Backpack. My grand nephew doesn't go anywhere with out his Transformer backpack. The shoes, lunch box, and backpack need to be coordinated. Fashion starts early. My grand nephew is only five years old.


I am told that the most expensive handbag sold on eBay went for $3.8 million. WOW!


Guys in the United States aren't real crazy about Man Bags (Murse). I do see them around and professionals are using "bags" instead of Briefcases more and more. Is that a Man Purse or is your laptop in there?


I would like to take a guess what is the biggest reason lady's buy a new handbag? Likely no reason at all except they want one. It just can't be helped. A new outfit, well a bag to go with it is always good, yes. New shoes. Yes.


Cross-body bags are easy to carry and have easy access. Bags are not just a place to have items all jumbled in side and a pain to find what your looking for. There are pockets for this and a place for that. Your bag is always close at hand and safe and secure.


Kids love their backpacks and belly bags

We all have to make our fashion statement whether it's just taking a walk to going to the prom. Fashion has found its way into every aspect of daily life.

Guys watch the girls, Girls watch the guys.

Some pay attention to hats and I'm sure there are purse watcher out there too.

All of us old rockers have to remember the song "First I Look At The Purse." If you look on YouTube you will find many tunes on purses. Some are pretty funny too.

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