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In a recent blog post –  Stop Making Docs -  Brian Newman argued that the era of the short doc has arrived. With the web, shareable media, mobile exhibition, he argues, the longer and feature...


Brain Power, the third film in the Let it Ripple Mobile Films for Change series, is the latest creation of the film maker Tiffany Shlan.


Much has been said about her and what she has called “Cloud Filmmaking” (

An(other) example of how you can create documentaries in a participatory manner 



(...) Brain Power has a remix aesthetic, heavy on archive, stills and animation. It includes sequences drawn in through crowd-sourcing; gathered, for example, by asking how people in different places imagine the brain.


p.s.: for those who want to read, an interesting digression regarding the point of view of Brian Newman is that of "Etsy short docs" (

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