Faire un webdoc sans toucher au code html, c’est possible avec Klynt | Documentary Evolution | Scoop.it

"Vous n’y connaissez rien en code html et pourtant vous aimeriez réaliser un webdocumentaire? Et bien le logiciel Klynt est certainement fait pour vous. Ce programme, créé par une société par..."



Here is one of the few software with which you can make a documentary designed for the Internet.
It is not very far from an authoring program like Adobe Encore or Dvd Studio Pro.


As always, the tool itself does not make a great documentary project, but it does its content and architecture exploration.
The strong point is that it does not require knowledge of coding. Point which becomes weak when you want to switch from a simple vision to interaction engagement.

Besides being able to click on the buttons provided by the author, you can not do much else.
In my personal point of view, this is a great tool for those approaching for the first time to the the web documentary, a promising start to the Honkytonk for documentary next generation.