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Documentary Evolution
This channel I started more than 6 years ago as part of my passioned research across documentary field is shutting down. I will not be updating it anymore due to the changed conditions dictated by that allow only 50 links for every free topic. Running this page has always been incredibly rewarding but also very time-consuming. I want to thank all the amazing people who have collaborated with me over the years.
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The Audience Enwrapped: Prototyping 360 Video as an Immersive Story Form 

The Audience Enwrapped: Prototyping 360 Video as an Immersive Story Form  | Documentary Evolution |

"There is a special kind of magic that takes place when viewing video, akin to experiencing an oneiric, lucid dream. Instantaneously shifting the camera view from one vantage to another erases the tyranny of distance and reveals previously impossible perspectives. The camera placement and editor’s cut provide the magic that hacks the brain. It is a mental teleportation trick. The downside is that as the story progresses, the mind has little time to dwell and revel in the empty space that creativity craves and words provide. The director is always in control, not the audience. Videos can be visually splendid, but pale in comparison to what you are capable of conjuring with your own amazing, vivid imagination.

But how does it feel to inhabit someone else’s mind while inhabiting a video? Can 360 video compete with the immersion of words by masquerading as real life?"

- The Writing Platform

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The documentary in the digital world - Future Tense - ABC Radio National

The documentary in the digital world - Future Tense - ABC Radio National | Documentary Evolution |

"Most of us have a stuffy view of what a documentary is, but in a world where we increasingly write and post images about ourselves do we need to re-think that idea?"


Radio National has just published the first part of Future Tense the radio program dedicated to the changing nature of the documentary process.


Some interesting excerpts:


Katerina Cizek [Highrise]
What the web is teaching us documentary makers and the culture and language of the web is the démocratisation of storytelling and the démocratisation of media in our lives. And so I think the interactivity. That points to in terms of our own transformation or reconsideration of the documentary agenda.
(...) We do not start by setting the terms of the technological project, that comes later.


Nick Doherty, managing editor Television Online, Australian public broadcaster SBS:
I think it is really an education process to try and explain to producers why a project might be right for the web or, by the same token, it might be right for television or, as we say, it might be right for both, cross-platform.


Ingrid Kopp: I think a lot of the innovation is actually happening outside of what we may have traditionally thought of as independent film people.


Transcript available.


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Scooped by mirmilla! : Overlay your content onto the real world : Overlay your content onto the real world | Documentary Evolution |
Link your content to the real world. If you can use a web browser then you can create your own mobile AR experience using buildAR.


buildAR is an app with which you can manage the Augmented Reality contents, that is insert any type of content (text, video, images, etc..) overlaid onto the real world.

This technology is already used in various sectors, ranging from educational, artistic and cultural up to entertainment.


A technology that can also be a great documentary tool or at least for a certain type of documentary.

It is not long ago when we dealt with ARIS, the open-source platform with which was created the situated documentary "Dow Day" (


A fresh and intriguing example of how buildAR can be used is "Notes for Walking" developed by Megan Heyward (


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