Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds: Smarter Systems for Smart Cities | Documentalista o Content Curator, purchè X.0 |
Technology is being used in ways you would never expect to help solve fundamental problems, from managing a football stadium on game day, to helping manage transportation systems and emergency operations.

As organizations and large facilities like stadiums, museums, schools and government buildings continue to grow and provide more people with faster, better, innovative services, we need to make them more efficient--not by cutting back services, but by getting insight and intelligence on how our physical world functions.
From roads to vehicles to buildings to HVAC systems and lights, thousands of objects not only need to be managed, but how they interact and affect each other must be optimized. By addressing and answering these fundamental questions, we can get real insight to drive better decision making and efficiency.

If we analyze this data, we can find inefficiencies or make connections we never would have imagined. By connecting the physical and digital worlds, these massive organizations that are part of our daily lives can deliver more efficient services to us all...
Via Lauren Moss, scatol8