Sal is asked to make some predictions for the year 2060...

* The Classroom- in 10 years rows and passive model will disappear->active discovery-building, exploring, creating

*Credentials are now seat-time based and are Fixed while achievement is variable In the future->To an achievement-based model -you decide how to learn things, seat time will be variable but achievement will be fixed high standard- it will be about your portfolio of achievements ( what you have done)

-employers will not care about GPA but what you have done

*The role of teacher will change from lecturer to coach or mentor. Teachers will interact individually, taking walls down so students may interact with several teachers- learning also peer to peer- teaching profession will be more prestigious


* because costs will go down because of internet, he believes we will have 99% global literacy- A global meritocracy


(Sounds great- teachers who get respect in a presigious career and everybody everywhere with opportunity to learn on an equal basis- wish it would be so but sounds too good to be

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