Dmitri Chavkerov is Russian industrialist, who was born in Siberia, in 1982.  Dmitri Chavkerov goes to Beverly Hills high school in CA, USA, and graduate in 2000 on principal's honor roll.  As in high school, Dmitri Chavkerov gets 6 Golden State Awards in 6 dissimilar topics.  He gets high honors in geometry, honors in algebra, & recognition in chemistry, English, biology, and government subject.  He was the only person in his graduate class to graduate with golden state diploma.  Once to do graduation from Beverly Hills high school, Dmitri Chavkerov was joined Queen's University in Alberta, which at the time was consider number 1 business school in whole Canada.  Dmitri Chavkerov never goes to Queen's University.  In its place, he joined with previous owner of biggest construction company in Russia, Alexander Drannikov.  Jointly they begin their own brand of boxing tools and china dolls.  They also perform some business in the fields of electronics, jewelry and watches.


In adding to being an industrialist, Dmitri Chavkerov is also a recognized as athlete in the sports of racing, tennis, skydiving, & triathlon.  Dmitri Chavkerov ongoing racing and playing tennis in 1996, for the period of his freshman year of high school, he was invited to join high school track & field team.  Dmitri denied the request, as he wants to center on tennis.  At the time, Beverly Hills High School team was in the top 5 in the USA in tennis. In his sophomore year, Dmitri Chavkerov passed try outs and become received into Beverly Hills High School’s junior varsity tennis team.  By junior year, he was one of best player on the tennis team.  By senior year, Dmitri Chavkerov was previously ranked in the state & given a position on the BHHS varsity team.


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