Got bored with your old granite slab and would like to replace it with new one. But again worried about installation charges, then I think DIY granite worktops methodology is best for you to consider. Granite is one of the expensive stones like marble and its installation or transportation cost makes it costlier. This is the reason that most of the people in UK go for DIY work as it not only saves some money but also produces desirable results. In this article I am going to tell you about the re-installation of granite slabs on your cabinetry.


1. Initially clear out your existing worktop by removing all the fixtures, faucets and electric appliances placed on its surface.

2. Remove all the screws and other fixture through which worktops is attached to cabinetry and on precautionary advice mask off all the electrical sockets just to prevent them from any damage.

3. If your existing countertop is glued instead then you can use putty knife to remove it gently form the top of the cabinets.

4. Once it is removed then it is time to cut the plywood as per the measurement of new countertop slab. For this carefully measure its length and width and accordingly sliced it down as this plywood will be serve as the base.

5. Now place that plywood carefully on the cabinetry and fix it either by using screws or adhesives whichever you find convenient.

6. It is time to install your new slab of granite as it is not one man job so at the time of its installation make sure you should have at least two or three strong helping hands with you. Place that new slab over plywood and again screw it tightly with cabinetry.

7. Once it is installed then re-installs your sinks and faucets or soap dispenser etc as usual and here we are with brand new DIY granite worktop.


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