"Sequestration or not, budgets in the defense world are soon going to get even tighter, while current requirements will most likely remain. It will certainly generate a great deal of churn as units attempt to address standing and future requirements. One thing that will stay the same however is the mantra for active duty, reserve and civilian contractors to “do more with less.”


The impending debates will wrestle on where to make the needed cuts. Often times training takes a hit. The rationale, while understandable, is actually counterproductive. In fact, stringent operational budgets should call for an increased emphasis in expanding the skill sets of the personnel that stay on staff, because they will be needed to do many more things than before, and do them all well.


... To maintain a high degree of readiness when money is tight, the best investment defense agencies and contractors can make is in giving their folks the skills they need to do multiple jobs at very high levels of proficiency." from source: http://washingtontechnology.com