Multiscreen Patterns | precious, strategic design & visual language | Distance Ed Archive |

  "During the last years, our design studio has been involved in many different projects – from designing mainly websites and desktop software in our early days, to smartphone apps, prototypes for TV interfaces and more recently, applications for tablet devices.


  Working for all those devices was interesting and challenging. Not just because of the diverse screen sizes and input methods, but because we learned in our user research how different the contexts are in which these gadgets are used.


  ... To make these scenarios more tangible for ourselves and to communicate them better to our clients, we started documenting patterns we noticed. These patterns and associated examples were the core of many workshops we did in various constellations: with brand managers, advertising professionals and design students.


  Today we like to share this part of our research work: patterns for multiscreen strategies. It’s been a handy reference when discussing solutions for digital products and services. We hope you’ll find them useful too." - from the source


NOTE: This is an interesting article about planning for using content on multiple screen sizes or multiple platforms. There are two links: 1) to analog (paper) templates that can be used to design layout for that size screen and 2) User patterns that can help identify users in varied scenarios. A worthwhile read for anyone considering designing content for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.