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"We are at a crossroads where we can, as described by Marc Parry in College Degrees, Designed by the Numbers, “massively change the likelihood of graduating” for students through a comprehensive analytical capacity that takes student success building blocks as the key performance indicators.  We are able to better tailor and customize instruction to the individual learner.  We will be able to use adaptive technologies to better guide students on successful academic pathways.  Don Norris and I have been working on a toolkit for building organizational capacity in analytics.  We have determined that institutions can better manage the student pipeline; eliminate impediments to retention and student success; utilize dynamic, predictive analytics to respond to at-risk student behavior; evolve learner relationship management systems; create personalized learning environments; engage in large-scale data mining to illuminate pathways to student success; and we can extend student success to include learning, workforce and life success.  This is what is on the horizon in the power and potential of analytics." - source