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Here’s our complete guide on ways to convert MP4 to MP3 using a few of our preferred conversion software. You might not be capable to do it with the most recent version of iTunes as you used to; however, there are much better programs for the desktop and on Web which make the procedure pretty easy.


If you want to listen audio from a file, then MP4 is useless. It not only takes large storage area in your disk, it also is less easy to play in comparison of MP3. Player for MP3 are widely spread in almost every segment of multimedia devices (both old and new). We have picked the most easiest way to convert the file from MP4 to MP3 and that too absolutely free.


There are many ways to convert the files, but the best and the easiest of of those tricks, I personally use two methods. First, from Any Video Convertor ( which is a software which can run on Mac plus Windows. Secondly, from CloudConvert ( which converts the files by simple uploading and downloading the converted file.

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