Adaptative Flux Morphologies proposes strategies for urban morphological development based on computational simulation of urban flows. This Final Thesis is the result of the Emergent Technologies & Design MArch at the Architectural Association during the course 2011-2012 and was designed by Javier A. Cardós Elena, Dennis Goff, Goli Jalal and Mary Polites.


"The main objective of this research is to develop a system for generating transportation networks in growing urban area, and to couple the resulting flows within this network with built morphologies at the architectural scale. "Transportation and communication infrastructure systems have played a drammatic role in contributing to explosive urban growth, and therefore impact on its form", thus a system that is capable of linking large urban networks with urban morphologies is necessary in order to ensure the continued effectiveness of the city as a whole. Just as transportation networks can contribute to urban growth, they must also adapt to it. This research addresses the development of urbanism through network design, which aims to develop connections that are able to adapt to new requirements over time." AFM

Via Ignacio López Busón