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The performance of the Pakistani team yesterday confirmed my worst fears. Team selection is motivated by personal likes and dislikes.

For example Where is Asad Shafiq; when we will need him in the two crunch matches that are to come?

For God’s sake let us realize that Afrid’s days are over, he is now just a passenger. The recollection of his past services is a burden on the team.

It is our cross to carry. Here is yesterday’s performance dismissed 2nd ball, score 4. Bowling analysis 4 overs, and 33 runs, average 8.25 runs.
If we are to win, we will have to win without Afridi. I don’t know why a great player who has given us such joy in the past does not realize that his time is up. He should go with honor and no one will grudge him profound gratitude for services rendered.

Now for observations on yesterdays match. The captain has to explain why he asked Shoaib Malik to bowl when he had Razzak available. Razzak was selected also for his bowling ability. He was not even given one over. And look at Shoiab Malik’s analysis 2 over, 19 runs and average 9.5 runs. Was one over not enough as an experiment?

We could have dismissed Australia for less than 111.

It appears to have been a conspiracy to knock out India. Well done Australia and Pakistan. They cost the tournament, the organizers and the media billions of rupees in lost revenue that an India and Pakistan match would have ensured. This has totally escaped comment. Who will compensate this loss?

The captain, professor pays tribute to the spinners. Nonsense. Are Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik not spinners? Why can he not a pay tribute to Saeed Ajmal and Raza Hassan specifically. Does he have to bite his tongue every time he cannot mention either Shahid Afridi or Shoaib Malik?

I say this for the record now. We will lose this cup unless Hafeez changes his management style.
There is no room for personal preferences. We want the cup or will have Hafeez’s head for breakfast.


Via Iqbal Ismail