Direct marketing and consumer engagement
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5 Tips for Effective Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns

5 Tips for Effective Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns | Direct marketing and consumer engagement |
Even in today's social- and digital-media-rich environment, well thought out direct mail campaigns have the ability to capture a recipient's attention, get them to read and process content, commit.
Huiqing Chen's insight:

It is an article about 5 tips for effective direct marketing activity. From my point of view, these 5 tips are more likely to be a process of applying effective direct marketing. A company should definitely try to find the perfect target customers list so that it can make full use of all marketing resources. Also, as it is talking about direct marketing, personalization can always please customers because it gives them a feeling that they are valued by the company. I personally consider it the best advantage of direct marketing too. 

This article also reminds me of the importance of accelerating the process from call to action because the main purpose of marketing is to encourage customers to make the final purchase decision. A set of measurement should be taken to test whether the process is working well and adjust it in the future marketing campaign. Similar to other kinds of marketing, direct marketing should also be adjusted from time to time, and to find out the best option for the company accordingly. However, direct marketing can reach customers directly, so their responses can be recorded more well and truly and these responses are particularly important for making future direct marketing plan.

Hendy Han's comment, September 26, 2013 7:14 PM
A really interesting article Levi. This article give a great tips on how to maximizing one of the most useful traditional tool for marketing. Many companies are still using direct mailing as it is still a major medium for keeping in touch with customers. Many companies are to focused on social media, they start forgetting on how direct mail can be a very effective tool
Vic Methven's comment, September 26, 2013 9:36 PM
Hey Anna, I also believe that using direct mail that contains personal content can be effective for consumers, it will add a relationship between the business and consumer and will hopefully engage the consumer to make a response to the communication. Although direct mail marketing is more expensive, it can also be beneficial for both the consumer and company if it is done correctly with the right strategic approach. I enjoyed reading this article.
Ahmed Salman's comment, September 26, 2013 9:43 PM
I agree with your insight shay. i like how This article discusses how you can capture comsumers attentionby direct mail with 5 important tips
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Why one-shot direct mail is marketing suicide | Tax Marketing HQ

Why one-shot direct mail is marketing suicide | Tax Marketing HQ | Direct marketing and consumer engagement |
Why one-shot direct mail is marketing suicide
Huiqing Chen's insight:

The writer particularly focus on the failure of those one-shot direct marketing activites. Some one told the writer the situation that a company sent 2000 direct mail to target customers but got no response. The reason why no one responed, which the writer believe, is that the company did not repeat to make contact with customers. According to an analysis, customers will make a purchase decision after the 5th contact with salesperson.

Indeed, repetition can absolutely leaves a stronger impression in customers' mind. But I personally believe that makinig direct contact with customers without knowing whether they are interested or like your advertising is dangerous. In other words, the strong impression may not always be in the positive way. If a customer is not interested in your product, the repeating mails may be troubles to her/him and the customer may hate the brand. So making sure that the customers have the need for your product before applying direct marketing towards them is a much better way, although it may cost more money to investigate which customers are your target customers. 

Wu Meng's comment, September 25, 2013 3:32 AM
I agree with your opinion. Some companies in order to promote their products, it does not take into account the consumer's psychological , marketers directly send emails information to consumers, it is not only affects the consumers purchase desire for products, and led to the consumers to dislike of products.
Renee Huang's comment, September 25, 2013 7:19 PM
This article is interesting to know that company send 2000 direct mail to target email but got no response. I also agree that the article said the 20th time the consumers heard from you, they not only know who you are, but recognize your photo , your slogan and your dogs name. In addition the same opinion form the article is giving the eyeball to eyeball contact with consumers is much better you sending the email.