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Shoptology CEO: Dig Deeper for Insights about Human Behavior and Engagement |

Shoptology CEO: Dig Deeper for Insights about Human Behavior and Engagement | | Direct Marketing |
For Shoptology CEO Charlie Andersen, improving the levels of customer engagement and the overall customer experience comes from digging deeper, and asking different questions to elicit insightful responses (@Loyalty360 interviews @GoShoptology 's ...
Shaahen Merchant's insight:

This article tells us how to keep a company imagine high at all times by targeting those devices which are quick and easy to use by most of the population. Smart phones, a device which will allow a consumer to immediately go online and rate your product after trying it, online methods such as this can be great influences of loyal customers as well as new and approaching potential consumers. They dig deeper into the idea of certain products and how to target the people who not only use it but those who buy it, as often these are two different segments altogether. it is obvious that in todays competitve market we have to stand out as a company , and how you measure the deeper insights of consumer behaviour, thinking outside the box is key. For example: Google came up with a technology to measure how long someone looked at and advert for by being able to scan thier eyes if they looked at it for long than 20seconds. this measurement comes with its cost to those retailers who are curious as to what attracts a consumers attention more than something else. It may be sexual orientation, or something which makes them laugh, if it triggers an emotion it creates success.

Stephanie Tucker's comment, September 17, 2013 4:25 AM
Great insight Shaahen, I definitly agree with your last comment "if it triggers an emotion it creates success" That is entirely true because when marketing a product it is all about the consumers emotional response to the product, if the advertisement is able to convey positive messages that alter your behaviour towards the product then an effective advertisement engagement has definitely worked.
Alysha Mackenzie's comment, September 23, 2013 7:31 PM
nice comment, i agree that smart phones are a great device to target consumers on. I usually check reviews on my smart phone before buying a cosmetic product. No longer are people seeing something and buying it in the spare of the moment. Because of the smart phone being on us all of the time we can check what others think and say about a product and then we can make up our own mind.
Scooped by Shaahen Merchant!

Improving Consumer Engagement Through Video

Improving Consumer Engagement Through Video | Direct Marketing |
Improving Consumer Engagement Through Video (The true value of #videos – creating it, distributing it and integrating it into their #marketing strategy.
Shaahen Merchant's insight:

The distrubution and presentation of the information provided is what first caught my attention, it is not an article but more of a slide. It is a very effective way to grab the readers attention and make them want to read more, and this was before i had even started to read. This slide provides factual information as to why engageing with customers via video is 174% more likely to be a success then to engage with them without video. Aswell as the physcological effects that video has on the brain, it has a ingrdient which if demonstrated clearly shows the audience why they need and must have a particular product. Another reason videos are so effective to engage through is because it makes the potential consumer more confident to buy the product especially if it is an online purchacse. I do believe that Video is improving consumer engagement a great deal, and this slide has given me multiple outlooks as to why.

Alysha Mackenzie's comment, September 23, 2013 8:29 PM
Hi Shaahen, i agree that videos are very effective when it comes to engaging with customers. If i were to get an email telling me why i needed a certain product in video format compared to a bullet pointed list, the video would definitely win me over!
Sophie Rieder's comment, September 25, 2013 8:35 PM
Great insight! I definitely agree and think that videos grab the attention of a consumer much more than some plain old written paragraphs. People find it far more engaging and interesting if they are watching something new and exciting instead of having to focus on reading about it. It is also easier to get side tracked when reading something that has no color and excitement to it compared to a video that makes you want to keep watching.