Saving The News & Observer With Startups | diigo, |

There are several ideas in this post for how our local newspaper the Raleigh News and Observer can become an Internet marketing powerhouse. My favorite is to create a Y-combinator-like startup school or partner with one.

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill is rich in universities and the startups they bring so if our local newspaper were to embrace #Startups they kill two birds with a single stone - creating highly viral online content while bringing along UNC, Duke and NC State.

This RX might not work for all newspapers, but I note a favorite Internet marketing irony. Newspapers are RICH in the expertise any great website needs such as graphic artists, photographers, writers and editors. In fact any newspaper has 100x the content marketing talent as my 3 person team back in the day.

How did we make $30M in online sales while newspapers bleed red ink with all the talent we never had? Read on.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith