Not Just Pretty: Building Emotion Into Your Websites | Smashing UX Design | digitalassetman |
Emotional design has become a powerful tool in creating exceptional user experiences for websites. However, emotions did not use to play such an important role on the Web.


Such a cool article! Every entrepreneur, biz executive, and nonprofit needs to read this one.


Why? Because emotion is at the heart of effective storytelling. And websites can be imbued with stories and story elements --particulary emotion.


Now this is not about being 'emotional'. It is about understanding what triggers emotions within your viewers/readers that creates connection, fosters trust and loyalty, and moves them to action -- while being authentic and true to yourself.


This article is rich in ideas and how-tos -- and very complete. Take the time to savor it. Then start thinking about your website and how you can upgrade it with both stories, and imbueing it with emotional elements for max effect.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz