The end of traditional retargeting | Digitalageofmarketing |

With standard retargeting, advertisers can reach a lot of consumers, but the vast majority are not interested in the ad. Here's a new breed of solution that delivers relevant ads to the right consumers.


It's happened to all of us: You do a few web searches for "Let's Rock Elmo" toys, and for the next few weeks you're barraged with ads for the furry red munchkin. Welcome to the world of retargeting.


By now, many large online advertisers have incorporated retargeting into their digital mix. For the most part, retargeting -- or the process of serving relevant ads to visitors after they leave your website -- delivers decent results. It boosts conversion among a select group of consumers who showed initial interest in your products or services.


But the truth is, when it comes to standard retargeting, there isn't much true "targeting" going on at all. Mostly, retargeting is a nuts-and-bolts type of system: Person X visited your website, looked at Product Y, and then left without buying. When Person X then travels around the web, they'll see ads for Product Y.


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