How to take the plunge with media attribution | Digitalageofmarketing |

Defining attribution goals can help marketers discern where to place their digital dollars. Use these three steps to optimize media allocation and improve overall performance.


You've read about attribution modeling, and you're ready to begin seeing the true value of media performance. You want to get the most out of your digital budget, but the problem is you're stuck. You want to get moving fast, so now what?


The first step is always to define your attribution goals, and understand what attribution can do. Attribution allows marketers to better understand upstream user-actions (ad views and clicks) and their impact on the final goal action (download, sale, lead form etc.). Attribution alone won't make your media perform better, and it won't improve your conversion rates. What it will do is illustrate where your dollars are used most effectively, so that through media allocation optimization, your digital spend becomes more effective. Attribution is the key to unlocking successful cross-channel optimizations of media spend in order to increase back-end performance. It's not the last step to performance improvement, it's the first step.


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