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Hollande évoque un rapprochement des sites internet de France Télévisions et Radio France

Hollande évoque un rapprochement des sites internet de France Télévisions et Radio France | Digital Transformation |

Le président de la République a seulement plaisanté, lors du 50e anniversaire de la Maison de la Radio, sur l'idée d'une fusion entre les deux groupes audiovisuels publics, en allusion à l'ancien ORTF. Mais son discours écrit comportait, lui, une mention évoquant un rapprochement des productions numériques.

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C'est le choix des groupes audiovisuels publics dans de nombreux pays européens, comme en Grande-Bretagne avec la BBC ou en Belgique avec la RTBF

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Digital Media is Now the Preferred Source by Physicians for Accessing Information from Pharmaceutical Companies Over Traditional In-Person...

New study shows role of pharmaceutical representatives must evolve into multi-channel information resources for physicians or risk losing influence as

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New role of pharmaceutical reps, evolution of working models thanks to digital

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-Capgemini Consulting, the global strategy and transformation consulting arm of the Capgemini Group, in collaboration with leading physician relationship management provider Quantia, today announced findings from a new joint study that shows pharmaceutical companies’ shrinking access to physicians through traditional sales representatives is putting their in-office engagement strategy in flux. The study of nearly 3,000 primary care physicians and specialists from the QuantiaMD U.S. community, found that 67 percent of physicians now rate digital media as their preferred source for accessing information, compared to just 20 percent who prefer pharmaceutical representatives. This shift is compelling pharmaceutical companies to place more emphasis on their digital strategies to maintain their role as a trusted information resource.

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The World of Presentation Software

Today we will discover the various methods of using presentations software available to you.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at

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Another presentation software

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