Students Blogging Safely Online  | Digital story telling in  EFL classes. |

My students are now blogging online! It’s quite exciting. We started by working through the blogging concept and process using paper blogs and a week later, we put those same ideas on our class blog.


But first, we needed to make sure we were safe! In fact, I first had to have multiple meetings with my principal, the technology teacher and integration specialist – understandably so! This is a big step when it’s the first time young students will be putting themselves out there. But I made a few assurances that using would be safe. First, I designed this go around so that all the students’ posts would only go live after I approved them. I also made certain that would be the case for all the comments. In addition, I created our classes blog so that the posts would only be viewable by our classmates when they are logged on. In other words, it’s a closed blog.


No one can see our posts, just us.


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