MDM and BYOD: A square peg for a round hole | Cool Edubytes for Teachers! |
While mobile device management will always be in use in the enterprise, thankfully, a better option exists.


In fact, it seems the only group not excited about BYOD is IT – the ones who have to figure out how to keep sensitive corporate information safe. IT's consternation over BYOD is made worse by the fact that many think mobile device management (MDM) is the only tool available to contain the risks associated with BYOD, which is not the case.


MDM will always have a place in the enterprise because BYOD will simply never be the right approach for every employee. However, when it comes to BYOD implementations, MDM is not ideal. Thankfully, a better option exists. Mobile application management (MAM) presents an intriguing option for preparing for and avoiding the hazards of BYOD.


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