A BLOG is like a ‘Perfume’… | Digital Odours | Scoop.it
For a long time now that by this kind of technological features, each Person can provide a digital logical projection for the 'smell' that emanates… Like a diary attitude that might represent a natural expression of that same Person but on a digital format. Meaning, noticed from any corner of our Planet.
Exactly as the possible function of any bLOG, this subliminal motive can be very useful to elucidate ourselves concerning each author, writer or charlatan.

Of course, if you don't use perfume, don’t worry, you will radiate the air that surrounds you with your closest sweat… Being impossible to hide, especially using Internet to express yourself.

For this motive, you need to attribute some 'perfume' when you express your Personal thoughts... As a charming natural behavior.
Usually, by writing what you feel right, want or need to express.

On this way, even if someone like it or not, as a kind of Technologic User’s protocol (ours) and contributing with our Individual privacy matters, anyone can know what other smells without any physical or esoteric approach…
Just by reading distant opinions or critics published on Internet.

Additionally, considered domestic ground, the action of writing on a Blog can really mean the same as laundry cleaning task...
You can refuse a comment considering that is dust, dirty or a strange odour, you can act as the detergent by writing what is socially accepted and, above all, you can sign your Personal opinions or produce an About Web Page to be pre-assumed WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.

Finally, still on this metaphorical context, we can consider stains all our closest friends and family… But, be careful, we are not referring the Persons, objects or even animals that are part of each one own life. No matter for common or more specialized occasions, we serious suggest to opt by applying notions and self common sense to it.

On my case, it was very simple to choose my bLog title…

Can you smell it ?

I’m a truly smoker.