Impact of Generation Z on Travel. Be Afraid.  The Disruptive Divas Are On Their Way! | Digital Natives |

Forget Generation Y (aka “The Millennials”, born between 1980-2000). They are already here. Generation Z are the first generation born (1995 – 2010) into a world dominated by the Internet, Social Media, and Mobile – and they are about to arrive in the marketplace. Gen-Y, and some X, writers may have been the first to occupy the online travel space, but over the next decade our presence there is going to be competitively diluted. 

What does this mean for the travel industry?

A new concentration on seamless online technology says Grail Research. Companies wanting to target Gen-Z will need to…

Adopt technology-based marketing and sales channels such as text messages (SMS), mobile Internet, social networking portals, etc.Aim to ‘catch them young’ (especially relevant for technology companies)Enhance their virtual world presence with online product information and purchase facilityDevelop high value-for-money products that are multifunctional with simple and interactive designsProvide ‘green’ products and services or take a proactive stance toward the environment

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