Infographic Design: Finding a Guide | Digital Marketing - The Basics |

The emphasis on infographics in content marketing is at an all-time high, and the idea of displaying information graphically to convey complex data is not new. Edward Tufte, the American statistician and noted pioneer in the field of data visualization, references in his book- The Visual Display of Quantitative Information- a diagram created in 1869 by Charles Joseph Minard which shows Napoleon’s march to Moscow in the War of 1812. Tufte considers this diagram as perhaps the best statistical graphic ever drawn, and it’s still in use as a teaching aide today.

With the flood of attention on infographics, it’s important for marketers to quickly adapt their content strategies. One of the most effective guides I’ve seen so far was published by Brafton. This guide does a great job of explaining the need for good design, ways to approach content and design, and most importantly to marketers, ways to measure effectiveness.
It takes strategic planning and great design to stand out among the other 592,999,999 infographics out there and these resources can help you...

Via Lauren Moss